Single Origin, Vanuatu

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Tanna Island, Vanuatu



Tanna Island, Vanuatu is made up of small shareholder farmers. Each grow between 1-4 hectares of coffee on micro farms that are community driven. Each season the families in their region get together and harvest the coffee as one. Singing songs, communal lunches and good old laughter can be heard in the plantations.

The cherries are sent to the INIK Co-operative processing station where they are semi-washed and Sun dried to 11.5% moisture content.

This bean is unique in flavour; a clean, smooth flavour with a strong undertone of chocolate and nutty flavours’ typical from the volcanic ash soil that the coffee trees are grown in. The locally active volcano Mt Yasur is considered the fertilizer factory for the island, regularly showering the northern area with ash.


Flavour Profile:

-Sugar Sweetness
-Milk Chocolate Fragrance
-Full Body