Coffee Scales with Timer

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These High end Coffee weighing scales are perfect for any avid coffee drinker or cafe.
With an automatic timer along with weight you can measure shot time lengths and get that perfect pour.


major function Food weight can be measured, with timer function

● Weighing range : 1 ~ 3000g

● branch degree value : 0.1g

● Video size : 89x16mm LED display

● electric source : Type-C interface charging

● Product size : 150x130x22.5 mm

● Press and hold to start the machine Peel and return to zero Automatic shutdown Extended timing 99m: 59S

● With four gear unit change-over switch (g/oz/ml )

● Select high-precision sensor

● Scale surface material, high temperature resistance 135 degrees

● Color box size: 140 * 184 * 33mm